Adult reader's department, bibliographic and information service

Adult reader's department
  • We lend fiction, instructional literature, periodicals, maps
  • We offer 50 titles of magazines
  • Inter-libraries lending service
  • Law Digests
  • Regional literature, literature in original languages
  • Photocopying on A4 and A3 format
  • Book delivery service
  • Club for retired persons - AKSE

  • Internet
  • WiFi
  • Electronic document delivery (EDD)
  • Reference service
  • Scanning of pictures

Department for children and youth

Department for children and youth
  • We lend books and periodicals
  • We organize talks and librarian's lessons
  • Internet
  • Multimedia encyclopedia and instructional programmes
  • www.knihovna.jicin/deti1.html

Musical department, Club for teen-agers Free Time

Musical department
  • We lend CD's, MC's and LP's with both music and spoken word, including language courses
  • We offer listening to sound recordings in the library
  • Internet
  • E-book readers
  • Sound records library for the blind and visually-handicapped citizens
  • For teen-agers - Internet, WiFi, PC games, iPad, PSP, magazines, table, board or card games

Subsidiary 1 - Nové Město

Subsidiary 1 - Nové Město
  • We present comparatively extensive resources of fiction and instructional literature and magazines for adults and children
  • Internet

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